The 30th edition, is held the second and third Sunday of November (in 2017, 12th and November 19th) and is organised by the tourist association Pro Loco of Cavola.
Exhibition stands Truffle and other local products are set up in a marquee in Piazza Italia.
Within this large tensile structure are arranged stalls of different exhibitors.
The Pro Loco set up stalls of Truffle, Parmigiano-Reggiano®, of the Mushrooms, Chestnuts and Cold Meats (all products of this land), there are also exhibitors offering products of various kinds: herbal, embroidery, leather processing, wood, stone, paintings, etc..
In this context, there is also space sales or charity events for the benefit of schools or local associations.
In the stall Truffle, every Sunday, are exposed grains larger partecipating in the competition.
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