The Truffle is an underground fungus belonging to the genus "Tuber".
It prefers habitats in which they grow oaks, poplars, willows and limes with preference of wetlands and a short distance from watercourses.
Since ancient times, in the hills, it has always been sought after and appreciated for to flavor in a way so distinctive cuisine of Emilia.
The Pro Loco of Cavola, in order to increase tourism and local trade, organized since 1988, the Truffle Festival, to be held this year the second and third Sunday of November.
Cavola has the honor fo being the first to organize such an event type of food and wine in the province of Reggio Emilia, with the intention of attracting tourism, especially at a time so far away from summer, elective period to increase tourism in the middle Appenines. In particular, this event has been growing interest, so often to put a strain on the ability of the entire country. At the Truffle Festival of Cavola, as well as enjnoy the precious tuber in the structure of the Pro Loco and restaurants in the area, you can visit martket stals that expose and selling products typica of the period, and specially of local origin.
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